You've got the moves, baby, I've got the motion.
2008-09-14 // 7:33 p.m.

Super-minimal entry. More at LiveJournal.

Am now less than three weeks away from my last day at The Agency That Nearly Killed Me. I've got my medium-sized event next Saturday, two weeks of working part-time (while I work part-time at the New Job) and then a conference that nobody has prepared for - then a whole glorious week of doing NOTHING.

I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding shower this weekend in Boston, but just had too much work to do. I was already extremely sad and stressed - and naturally my mother decided to pile on the guilt in mass quantities. My favorite was, "I"m not going to ask you or your brother to attend any family gatherings again." Why?? Because I miss so many??? I attend as many as I can, living four states and six hours away by car.

Whateves. I managed to toss the guilt away by blowing over $300 on new shoes and clothes. I am now down 35 pounds, two sizes and a bra size. Not bad for six half-assed months of dieting and one month of severe vomiting.

While I managed to cry three times at work on Friday from stress and The Boss was not very nice to me, I do have this little feeling inside that has been absent for many many months - dare I say that I have hope? There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been getting the nicest compliments from some people who I've told that I'm leaving - board members telling me how great I am, executive staff telling me I'll be missed - but there are some bitchy queens who I will NOT miss and in fact, I'm going to dedicate a nice locked entry to how much I detest them.

Work is at an insane pace until I leave. I had a meeting Wednesday night that didn't end until 10:30 pm - so I had to crash on someone's couch. More details coming soon in a very locked entry.

That is all.

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What I'm learning: How to bow out gracefully.

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