A random act of kindness.
2008-07-08 // 9:05 p.m.

I'm pretty worn out from my unbelievable nearly-five-hour-round-trip travel the past two days between The Big Apple and The Big Farmland - but I have to say, it's a pleasant train ride and I get a lot of reading done. And it's nice to force myself to have some quiet time without obsessively checking the CrackBerry every five seconds (The Boss actually took mine away from me today because I kept getting distracted while we were trying to work on something together).

It's a short-ish week this week and next - off to Maine for family stuff. I have about a billion vacation days and no time after August to use them.

I'm exhausted and trying to get to bed before midnight tonight, but I'll end with a story of hope. When I got here last week, I couldn't stop crying. I missed Brooklyn, all my shit was in boxes (and no point in unpacking, as we're moving again in less than three months) and I felt so isolated. I also hadn't been at work for a week, I was plopped in the middle of a thousand of Gina's relatives and of course, my period popped in to say hello. It's much better now, but I still bitch and moan about the commute and complain about how I can't wait until we move in closer in the fall. Well, this morning Gina dropped me off at a train station the next town over - it's bigger and has a coffee truck (v. v. important at 7:30 am) and an indoor waiting room. I noticed some books on a revolving rack and figured it was a newsstand where I could buy a paper. Nope. Turns out the town library put up the rack and a bunch of books as a "borrow one/leave one" initiative. It was the greatest thing I've ever seen. You borrow a book - return it when you're done to the racks - and add another one from your own collection that you no longer need. My iPod battery was running low, I was trying to put away the CrackBerry and as always, had read all my books so fast that I had nothing to read. The selection wasn't fabulous, but I found an old favorite, A Prayer for Owen Meany and it made my day all that much happier. I even wrote to the library and thanked them for being so thoughtful. Some lucky reader is going to get his/her hands on Tina Brown's The Diana Chronicles tomorrow....

What I'm reading: See above.
What I'm hearing: Rhianna - "Please Don't Stop the Music" is hands-down one of the hottest songs of 2008. Ma ma say ma ma sa ma makusa.
What I'm learning: To have a little faith in others.

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