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2007-12-26 // 9:18 p.m.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

After a nonstop run of work for over four months, I'm thrilled to report that I am off work until January 2! I am beyond happy. My plans include watching TV, cleaning my apartment from top-to-bottom and getting it surgery-ready, doing a little work (because I'm insane) and spending time with friends and SNG.

The vacation did NOT get off to a good start, though - I went on a "boys night out" on Friday with the guys to this old favorite and lo and behold, a whopping two-thirds of the table got food poisoning. Including yours truly. Woke up at 5 am on Saturday, started puking and shitting, and it knocked me out for a good 48 hours. It was fucking awful. I lived on Pedilyte and water for 2 1/2 days, but thankfully healed in time for:

Abby and SNG's First Christmas! I went out to her parents' house on Christmas Eve and trust and believe, I was feeling like I was going to puke from sheer nerves. While I've been out since what feels like The Dawn of Time (11 years), SNG has only really been out for four, and only told immediate family and close cousins - but not grandmother or other relatives. All of whom I was set to meet. She finally screwed up her courage and told her grandmother, who replied, "Darling, I knew." But not to worry, I was welcomed like I had been part of the family for years. SNG's mom is the BEST cook in the world and she outdid herself. Italians celebrate Christmas Eve with this "Feast of Seven Fishes," so that's what we had and it all rocked. We then opened presents - her parents had little gifts for me, I bought them a "Rock n Roll Trivia Game," which they loved - and SNG got me a fluffy pink blanket, a veggie steamer, a Rumi calendar, and a super top-of-the-line juicer!! I got her a sociolinguistics book (whatever, it's all over my head) and a personal laminator. A great haul.

We stayed over at her parents' house (mildly kinky) and managed to eat even more on Christmas Day, with more Italian relatives coming over. Everyone was just so nice. The house was beautifully decorated, the tree looked lovely, and everything smelled like gingerbread and lasagna. I had a terrific time and came away feeling like SNG and I have taken a really big step in our relationship.

And I love her. I do. Last week, Lillian (who was kicked out of rehab - again) came sniffing around and saying, "Oh, you're so bored with SNG, she doesn't excite you, why won't you date me" and not for a million bucks, thank you very much. She's totally sexy, but a disaster. SNG is the sweetest girl in the world and she makes me feel like a queen.

I feel like I'm having all these food blowouts for the next three weeks - The Last Times. The Last Time I Eat Steak. The Last Time I Drink Diet Coke. The Last Time I Binge On Potato Chips. I'm trying to work in some healthy eating there (hence the juicer) and have asked my parents for this for my birthday, while SNG is getting me
so I can start moving right away.

Meanwhile, I've totally cleaned and culled the mess in my bathroom and living room and am tackling my kitchen tomorrow. I'm also cleaning out my closet - in the past, I'd be throwing out everything too small, but now I'm just throwing out everything that might be too small but will fit me soon, but I wouldn't want to wear.

It kind of blows my mind that by August 5, my mom's birthday, I could be 60 pounds lighter.

Or more.

I want this so badly.

I can't wait.

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What I'm learning: How to move on, even when I'm afraid.

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