2008-07-02 // 10:20 a.m.

A very quick entry, as I have to have a work conference call and then go shopping for Gina's brother's wedding tomorrow night, but I am officially ensconced in a townhouse on Long Island. I am sitting on the deck, having coffee, working on the computer, and feeling alternately happy to be out of the stinkiness of Brooklyn and freaked out by being in the 'burbs with all white people (as you know, my motto is "Don't trust Whitey," because I'm an honorary boricua). I finally don't feel like I'm going to collapse from a stroke - I spent Friday getting up at 6:30 am to be on the radio with The Bosses and some of our youth, then going downstairs in the same building and watching a bunch of my kids graduate from our little infamous high school (bawled like a baby), then spending a ridiculous 12 HOURS in said building with The Bosses because we thought we would get a lot of work done where it was quiet and instead spent the whole day laughing hysterically at how stupid we are. Tried to pack Saturday, but was completely out of it. Got up Sunday morning AGAIN at 6 am to pack and then hop on down to the Pride parade (mandatory for work) - and marched and marched for 60 blocks in torrential - I mean, like Hurricane Katrina - rain. Got home, dried off, passed out (right after the police rang my doorbell because my upstairs neighbors were robbed) and woke up yet again at 6 am - to greet movers. Finally finished moving in Monday night and spent Tuesday working on the computer (I'm supposed to be on vacation) and weeping a little because I feel so out of sorts. And did I mention how much fun it was to transport poor Gussie, who freaked out, puked, and then peed on me?? Ah well, at least it sure is green out here and I just can't wait until September and we move in closer to the city.

What I'm reading: Emails.
What I'm hearing: Birds chirping.
What I'm learning: To take it one day at a time.

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