In loving memory of Bowie
2008-03-23 // 7:28 p.m.

It's with a very sad heart that I write this. On Friday, my beloved cat Bowie succumbed to a devastating and fatal illness known as FIP. In addition to this, he was also battling suspected kidney and intestinal cancers. I couldn't continue to let him suffer any longer and had to make the agonizing decision to help him out of his pain.

Bowie was thought to be about 14 years old. I adopted him from a fellow addict in recovery, who rescued him. Bowie was my big boy, my fat cat, weighing in at about 22 pounds. He was such a handsome boy, pure white with one blue eye and one yellow eye. He loved to surrender and show his big belly. He was very curious and friendly - he would greet you at the door as you walked in and then rubbing all over your belongings and possibly sitting in your purse.

Many thought that Bowie, who was definitely an Alpha cat and let you know who was boss by biting, was my alter ego. He was certainly my best pal and came through a lot with me. It is some comfort to know that I was holding him in my arms, kissing him and telling him how much I loved him when he died.

He was adored by his little brother, Gussie, and his second mother, Gina - who was also with him at the end. And of course, there's no describing the loss I feel when there is no big fat cat greeting me at the door when I walk in.

I loved him so much and I'm glad he's no longer suffering. If there is a Heaven for animals, then I have no doubt that my Bowster is up there now, terrorizing all.

A donation has been made in his name to Kitty Kind . Please - Bowie (and his brother Gussie) are rescued animals - I urge you to donate to Kitty Kind or similar organizations that rescue unwanted and unloved animals. And please consider adopting an older animal like Bowie who might need a home. They are so often left behind and ignored.

I've gotten tons of emails and notes about Bowie, which has helped tremendously - Gina and I haven't stopped crying for two days, because we miss him so much. To those of you who loved Bowie too, thank you for doing so. As sad and distraught as I am at losing him, I wouldn't trade the joy I had with Bowie for the past few years for anything.

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