Day 3 after banding.
2008-02-07 // 6:33 p.m.

I'm a little whacked right now on Vicodin, so I hope this entry doesn't sound completely fucked up.

I'm finally home in Brooklyn and wow, I miss my mom SO much! My parents went back to Maine today and I was very sad to see them go. We had a very bonding five days together - they took great care of me and I loved being able to be with my mom especially.

It's been a wild few days. On Wednesday, more flowers and visitors arrived. The Boss came to relieve my parents while they went shopping at Macy's and brought me tons of trashy magazines and gave me some great work gossip; Dwayne relieved her and brought me the BEST stuffed bear ever. He's so snuggly! Today, my friend Mari came and picked me up from the hotel and brought me home. I was happy to see the boys, although Bowie is now pissed at me because he's on antibiotics and I have to forcefeed him pills.

I feel so...different. The pain is slowly starting to abate (thanks to my old pal Vicodin) and the incisions are starting to heal. I'm counting down the days until I get to eat mushy/pureed foods - I'm going to end a little early because I'm so over liquids - only 8 days left of shakes, broth and water. I'm so excited to eat hummus and baby food and yogurt! This time is referred to as Bandster Hell because you're still having gas pains (I'm a burping and farting machine, baby) from the anesthesia leaving your body, you have no band restriction so you're STARVING and you're irritable and ready to get back to life. But if I can make it through this, it'll be smooth sailing.

And I finally pooped! Thank god! It can take days and days to get going after surgery, but it finally happened this afternoon. Trust me, this is a good thing.

I lost all sense of modesty and decorum in the hospital, can you tell?

So, SNG is on her way over now and I'm about to pass out into a Vicodin-dream. I have a great Before pic of me at the hospital about 20 minutes before surgery and also a pic of the tons of flowers and stuffed animals I got, but my USB cable for the camera must be at work. Anyway, I really do feel just totally happy and ready for each day as it comes. Oh! My best friend from growing up (from age 7 until after college) found me again on Facebook! That site is a fucking miracle! I'm so so happy to talk to her, it's been like 7 years since we even talked (mostly thanks to my ex, aka Voldemort). So more good things.

I'm going to pass out now. Yeah.

What I'm reading: Some stupid Irish chick lit book I got in the hotel library.
What I'm hearing: Just My Luck, with Lindsay Lohan.
What I'm learning: That I'm going to have to give up the Vicodin eventually.

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